In the mid 1960s a new lake was planned that would border four counties near the East Texas cities of Huntsville, Livingston, Trinity and Coldsprings, Texas. This lake was built to insure Houston, Texas would have adequate water supply for the future, and would be managed by the Trinity River Authority. The lake was named Lake Livingston and would cover 83,000 surface acres. Once this plan for a lake was announced, real estate developers started acquiring land bordering the lake.

In the Northeastern section of the lake, near a small creek called Caney Creek, there were several hundred acres of rolling hill property that was owned by a Mr. Burris, This had been a cotton growing community for many years. A small town west of this property is Onalaska and in the early 1900’s, it had a very large lumber mill.

In April 1968, Mr. Alvin R. Dawson, Jack C. Gaines, and Herman B. Short bought part of the property on both sides of Caney Creek. On the Southeast side they labeled it Section One and Two. On the North western side of the creek was Section Three. Section Three was the largest section. Section Four did not become an official section until 1980 and Section Lake Forest was developed around 1983.

Mr. Dawson was a retired Judge from Harris County and drafter of the Covenants and restrictions for the subdivisions. Section One was separated from the other sections by Mr. Dawson and they are governed by their own Property Owner Association.
     The recording information for Forest Hills subdivision is:

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